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1 Windows Forms smells funny, but... Stefano Tommesani 2681
2 AltaLux filter for IrfanView is now open-source! Stefano Tommesani 2835
3 The best Diff so far Stefano Tommesani 3575
4 Opening password-protected PowerPoint presentations Stefano Tommesani 13876
5 Visual Studio installer getting stuck Stefano Tommesani 12700
6 Fixing Here Maps in Windows Phone 8 Stefano Tommesani 6334
7 AskWatch: navigation Stefano Tommesani 9702
8 AskWatch: technical requirements Stefano Tommesani 8534
9 AskWatch: adding your kids Stefano Tommesani 10991
10 AskWatch: why you need it Stefano Tommesani 10206
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Necessary evil: testing private methods 29 January 2017, 21.41 Testing
Necessary evil: testing private methods
Some might say that testing private methods should be avoided because it means not testing the contract, that is the interface implemented by the class, but the internal implementation of the class itself. Still, not all
I am right and you are wrong 28 December 2016, 14.23 Web
I am right and you are wrong
Have you ever convinced anyone that disagreed with you about a deeply held belief? Better yet, have you changed your mind lately on an important topic after discussing with someone else that did not share your point of
How Commercial Insight changes R&D 06 November 2016, 01.21 Web
How Commercial Insight changes R&D
The CEB's Commercial Insight is based on three pillars: Be credible/relevant – Demonstrate an understanding of the customer’s world, substantiating claims with real-world evidence. Be frame-breaking – Disrupt the
Windows Forms smells funny, but... 07 April 2016, 15.38 Software
Windows Forms smells funny, but...
In the "2016 .NET Community Report" just released by Telerik, the answers to the question "What technology would you choose if building for Windows Desktop?" were as follows: So roughly half of new desktop developments would
Say goodbye to
It is not easy to monitor how our code behaves on a vast array of different machines. A myriad of different configurations can lead to errors that are difficult to reproduce and even more difficult to anticipate. And when the