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Home Software AskWatch - track your kids on finding alarm words in conversations

AskWatch: finding alarm words in conversations

AskWatch can tag questions and answers that contain alarm words. For example, you may want to highlight messages related to sexual activities, such as the following one:


So enter the list of alarm words in the column in the right of the main page, by entering each word in the text box "type word to add" and clicking on the "add word" button. To remove a word from the list, select it from the list and click the "remove word" button.


If you already have a list of alarm words, you can import it by clicking on the "Import list" button and selecting the text file to import.


Should you want to export your list of alarm words, e.g. to send it to other parents, click on the "Export list" button to export it into a text file that can be imported with the "Import list" procedure.


After defining the "sexo" alarm word, the Q&A containing the alarm word is highlighted in red, so it stands out and is immediately recognizable.


Please note that:

  • partial matches are not supported, so if you enter "sex" into alarm words, other similar words such as "sexo" or "sexual" will not be highlighted, you have to enter all the words that should be matched in the questions and answers (or use approximate matches)
  • matches are case-insensitive, so "sex" will match "SEX" and "Sex"
  • user names are not controlled for containing alarm words

New! in version 0.6.3 approximate matches using the Metaphone algorithms were added. To declare an approximate alarm word, add a + prefix before the word, so that:

  • "love" will only match "love", "Love" and so on, but
  • "+love" will also match "luv" and other phonetically similar words
  • "+Steven" will also match "Stephan" and other similar names

Please note that the Metaphone algorithm is designed for pronunciation of English words, so approximate matches may not work correctly with other languages.

You can also search for words in the current page by using the "search in page" button in the navigation toolbar


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