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AskWatch: adding your kids

Start AskWatch from the Start screen (in Windows 8) or from the Start menu (in Windows 7). The following, mostly empty screen appears:


To search for your kids, click on the "search my son" button on the toolbar


The "Search for your son" dialog pops up, and here you enter the information about your son.


After entering the information about your son, click on the "Search" button to start the queries on search engines


After a few seconds, the "Search results" dialog opens, showing the found kid profiles that best match the data you have entered before



The list on the left contains the profiles that best match the search terms, ordered from the best to the worst match. Clicking on a profile name will open the profile web page in the browser on the right.


Your son is not in the search results? If so, you can go back to the search dialog and change the information about your son, so that he/she can be found in a new search


Your son is in the search results? Congratulations, just click on the "this is my son" button to add him/her to AskWatch and start monitoring

After clicking the "this is my son" button, AskWatch will start grabbing data about your son for a few seconds, or a bit more depending on the speed of your internet connection. In the main window, a new tab with the name of your son will be added, and the new screen contains all the information about your son, in order:


  • the first box contains the profile of your son, including profile photo, names, personal information, addresses on other social networks on the left, and on the right the graph of Q&A messages in the past week.
  • photo gallery of friends that wrote to your son; if you hover the mouse over the picture of a friend, a popup window will show the date and time of the first and last messages sent to your kid, plus the text of all questions:
  • list of queries and answers ordered and grouped by date

What if you already know the address of your son in Then you do not need to search for him/her, and you directly enter the web address of his/her page. To directly add your son bypassing search, click on the "add my son" button on the toolbar:


The "Add your son" dialog pops up, and your enter the web address of your son's page on in the text box, then click on the "Check address" button to verify that the entered address is correct; if it is, the page of your kid will appear below.



Is the entered page address correct? Then click on the "this is my son" button and he/she will be added to AskWatch


To close the dialog window without adding your son, click on the "close" button

AskWatch supports only up to 3 kids, as it is important to block misbehaving persons from using AskWatch to track kids.

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AskWatch: adding your kids
Wednesday, 07 August 2013

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