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AltaCdCover - convert CD covers

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AltaCdCoverQuickly convert a digipak CD cover into a traditional jewel-box CD back cover!

Just drop the CD cover to convert into the source area, AltaCdCover will automatically recognize if it contains both front and back sides or only the back side, drop the front side if found, and reconstruct the missing spine, finally adjust the resulting image's aspect ratio so that it matches that of jewel-box back covers, without requiring any action from you! Optionally, you can adjust for non-standard spine sizes using the slider on the toolbar.

You can download the latest version of AltaCdCover from the Download section of the site.

Last Updated on Saturday, 01 June 2013 15:19

AltaPixShare - free image optimization and sharing

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DownloadSmallYou're having a chat on Skype with a friend of yours, talking about your last holiday, and then you want to send him some pictures. Your new 16 megapixel camera takes amazing pictures, so you drop them in the chat window, and... it takes forever to send them! In fact, each photo is bigger than 6 megabytes, so sending just 20 pictures requires more than 100 megabytes of bandwidth usage. And your friend is just watching those photos on a PC screen, which has a 1 to 2 megapixel resolution, so nearly 90% of the transferred resolution is wasted.

So a simple solution would be opening each picture in an image editor, rescaling it, saving it with a different name and, finally, dropping the new file to the chat window. Boring for just an image, do you really want to repeat it for each picture?

Luckily, there's a simpler, quicker and free solution, AltaPixShare! Just drop the pictures in the app, choose the rescaling factor with a single mouse click, and optionally apply an image effect, then drop them all to the chat window with a single mouse gesture.

Last Updated on Friday, 09 August 2013 20:14

AltaLux in XnView

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The AltaLux image enhancement filter is now available in the popular XnView image viewer!

Now you can enjoy AltaLux technology inside an advanced image viewer and editor, so trying how AltaLux can effectively enhance your photos is just a click away while you keep using your favourite image viewer.


Last Updated on Friday, 14 October 2011 12:27

AltaSonita - image denoising software

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AltaSonita is an image denoising application built to run on nVidia video boards using CUDA technology. Three different denoising algorithms, and five intensity levels let you remove most of noise from photos without blurring small details and edges.

AltaSonita is provided as free software, and you can download it from here. Please note that AltaSonita requires a CUDA-enabled video board, that is a recent nVidia video board; it will not run on any other video board.

As the following images show, the intensity setting works by separating edgy areas (drawn in red) from mostly plain areas (drawn in blue), and in plain areas the amount of noise filtering is higher as there are no relevant edges that would be blurred by the denoising process. Increasing the intensity setting reduces the amount of edge-preserving areas, so that aggressive noise filtering is applied to more zones of the image.

Original image
KNN filter with min intensity Edges (drawn in red) of KNN filter with min intensity

KNN filter with max intensity Edges (drawn in red) of KNN filter with max intensity
NLM filter with min intensity Edges (drawn in red) of NLM filter with min intensity

NLM filter with max intensity Edges (drawn in red) of NLM filter with max intensity
Last Updated on Thursday, 14 July 2011 09:57

Quexal MMX goes freeware

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Back in 2000, Quexal changed the way programmers had to deal with MMX programming. A friendly user interface simplified building parallel versions of algorithms, an optimizing compiler made sure that the resulting code would run fast, and a visual debugger helped pinpoint programming errors.

Even if the focus of the programming community has moved on to more recent instructions sets, after many years I still get queries about Quexal, so I've decided to release it as freeware, as it may be useful for learning SIMD coding. However, simply releasing the last published version of Quexal was not enough, and this was an opportunity to spend some time on this pet project of mine and improve it.

So here you have it, an updated version of Quexal for free! Just go to the download section to get it.


Last Updated on Saturday, 01 June 2013 15:20

AltaLux: new major release

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AltaLux is an image processing technology that can significantly enhance the quality of images and videos with poor lighting conditions.

AltaLux/Demo is a Windows sample application that lets you enhance the quality of JPEG images for free (download it! from the download area). For even better usability, I strongly recommend using AltaPixShare as it has a vastly better interface.

For IrfanView and XnView users, you can download the AltaLux plugins for IrfanView and XnView.

The animation above shows how the AltaLux filter performs on a real photo, ranging from left (no enhancement) to right (max level of enhancement). On the original photo the palace is underexposed, it appears dark as the sky in the background is much clearer; increasing the amount of enhancement to an intermediate level takes the palace out of the dark, exposing its facade; moving the enhancement to max is too much of a good thing, as previously hidden details pop out of the screen but the scene does not appear natural at all.

Update: the new 2.5 version includes an additional setting (Scale) that changes how each zone of the image influences nearby ones.Click here for a visual explanation of how it affects filter's results.

Last Updated on Friday, 03 May 2013 16:03

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