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AskWatch: track your kids on

AskWatch interfaceAskWatch is a free software application for Microsoft Windows 7/8 that helps you:

  • find your sons in
  • keep track of the questions they receive and how they answer
  • see who they are talking to
  • highlight the Q&As that contain alarm words

Latest release: v. 0.6.4 Beta (October 13th, 2013)

Version 0.6.4 fixes parsing errors on the website.

New in version 0.6.3: approximate matches using the Metaphone algorithms. To declare an approximate alarm word, add a + prefix before the word, so that:

  • “love” will only match “love”, “Love” and so on, but
  • “+love” will also match “luv” and other phonetically similar words 
  • “+Steven” will also match “Stephan” and other similar names

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to freely download and
use AskWatch

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