Background subtraction: type-2 Fuzzy based methods

Performance map


Type-2 Fuzzy GMM-UM of Baf et al (2008) paper link


Background modeling is a key step of background subtraction methods used in the context of static camera. The goal is to obtain a clean background and then detect moving objects by comparing it with the current frame. Mixture of Gaussians Model [1] is the most popular technique and presents some limitations when dynamic changes occur in the scene like camera jitter, illumination changes and movement in the background. Furthermore, the MGM is initialized using a training sequence which may be noisy and/or insufficient to model correctly the background. All these critical situations generate false classific ation in the foreground detection mask due to the related uncertainty. To take into ac count this uncertainty, we propose to use a Type-2 Fuzzy Mixture of Gaussians Model. Results show the relevance of the proposed approach in presence of camera jitter, waving trees and water rippling


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