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Standing out of the pack starts by being visible, and being noticed by the right group of professionals. No matter how good your profile is, it is lost in a sea of similar profiles, so you need to show up and start attracting visits to your profile page.

Suppose we are interested in working at Ferrari. Let’s search for professionals working there:



Then let the spider do its job, hunting for profiles similar to the ones in the search. At any time, you can view the full list of profiles visited during this run, with all the relevant pieces of information:



The problem with generic spiders is that there is a very limited number of profiles that can be viewed each day, so the search algorithm must be specifically designed for this task, and focused to visiting the most relevant profiles and avoid wasting views on the same profile over time.

As the search progresses, we can check stats about the profiles analyzed. Unsurprisingly, the majority of profiles work at Ferrari, but the runner-up positions are from similar companies (Ducati and Maserati), and in the area between Modena and Milan:


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