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Home Software Friend Watchdog free software for Facebook and Skype Facebook authentication with Friend Watchdog

Facebook authentication with Friend Watchdog


This article is a description of the integration of Facebook authentication inside Friend Watchdog. It is not meant to be an introduction or a description of Friend Watchdog's features. Please click here for more information about Friend Watchdog.

Why authenticating on Facebook with Friend Watchdog

After authenticating on Facebook, the timeline in Friend Watchdog will contain not only the status of your friends over the past week, but also their activity on Facebook, such as what they posted on their wall, giving a broader overview of what they are doing on Facebook.


Please note that

  1. enabling the Facebook authentication is optional, and it is not necessary for the main purpose of Friend Watchdog, that is checking when your friends are online
  2. the data obtained with the Facebook authentication is not stored anywhere, not in your computer nor in the Friend Watchdog servers
  3. the data obtained with the Facebook authentication is not sent or distributed in any way, so all the updates shown in the timeline are not transmitted to the Friend Watchdog servers

How to authenticate on Facebook with Friend Watchdog

  1. connect to Facebook by entering your user name and password in the login box
  2. click on the Authentication on Facebook button below
  3. Facebook will ask you if you want to let Friend Watchdog access your public profile, friend list and so on, click on the Okay button and the authentication window will automatically close
  4. click on a friend to see both the status timeline contained in the Friend Watchdog servers and the activity on Facebook downloaded from the Facebook site


Last Updated on Monday, 15 April 2013 14:22  

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