AMD Am386 DX 40 MHz

The Am386 CPU is a 100%-compatible clone of the Intel 80386 design released by AMD in March 1991. It sold millions of units, positioning AMD as a legitimate competitor to Intel, rather than being merely a second source for x86 CPUs.

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Date released 1991
Architecture 32-bits
Data bus 32-bits
Address bus 32-bits
Maximum memory 4,096 MB
L1 cache no
L2 cache no
Clock frequency 12-40 MHz
FSB same as clock frequency
FPU 80387
Fabrication process 1,500 – 1,000 nm
Number of transistors 275,000
Power consumption 2 W (33 MHz)
Voltage 5 V
Die surface area 42 mm²
Connector 132 pins