Cyrix FasMath CX-83D87



The first Cyrix product for the personal computer market was a x87 compatible FPU coprocessor. The Cyrix FasMath 83D87 and 83S87 were introduced in November of 1989. The 83D87 was pin compatible with the Intel 80387, while the 83S87 was pin compatible with the 80387SX. Both provided up to 50% more performance, and additionally they had lower power consumption when idle, due to a low power operation. Upon release the 83S87 cost $506 for a 16-MHz version and $556 for a 20-MHz version.

Core Frequency: 25 MHz
Board Frequency: 25 MHz
Data bus (ext.): 32 Bit
Address bus: 32 Bit
Package Type: Ceramic