Test video for CCTV motion analysis

CCTVTestVideoHere is video footage from a real-life scene: it’s a windy day, so the camera is slightly shaking, and there is a lot of action happening in the road below. This video sequence is useful for the following tests:

  • – checking the direction of moving vehicles (there are bikes moving in the wrong direction)
  • – classifying moving objects (cars, buses, motorcycles, bikes etc.)
  • – rejecting false alarms due to unrelevant movements (the shadow of the trees is costantly moving, but it should not trigger an alarm, while people walking and running should)

You can download this video sequence (running time: 9m 42s) from Dropbox clicking on this link. (if clicking on the link starts a video player, right-click on the link and choose Save Link As.. from the popup menu)

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