AltaLux in XnView

The AltaLux image enhancement filter is now available in the popular XnView image viewer!

Now you can enjoy AltaLux technology inside an advanced image viewer and editor, so trying how AltaLux can effectively enhance your photos is just a click away while you keep using your favourite image viewer.




The Scale parameter determines the number of quads the image will be divided into. The following images highlight the difference between a low and a high Scale value:

Small Scale parameter (N = 8)


Large Scale parameter (N=24)

How does the Scale parameter affects the filter’s results?

With a large Scale parameter, just like in the second example image, the AltaLux filter will work in smaller quads of the image, so it will increase the differences inside each quad, further enhancing small details, but the the enhancement effect will be less effective on large areas that are under- or over-exposed, and the image could look a bit “fake” with extreme settings.

With a small Scale parameter, like in the first example image, the AltaLux filter works on larger quads, so it maintains a better balance over the whole image, and can improve larger areas, but losing a bit of finer details.

You can download the latest version of the AltaLux filter for XnView from the Download section of the site.

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