AskWatch: technical requirements

You need the following to run AskWatch:

  • a PC running Microsoft Windows 7 or 8
  • .NET framework 4.5 (already installed in MS Windows 8, requires installation in MS Windows 7)
  • the AskWatch installer includes the .NET framework 4.5 web installer, if required

Latest release: v. 0.6.4 Beta (October 13th, 2013)

AskWatch was developed with Microsoft Visual C# 2012 using .NET framework 4.5.

DownloadSmallclick on the Download icon
to freely download and
use AskWatch

Facebook-128click the Facebook icon
to open the official AskWatch
page on Facebook


The pathetic SmartScreen technology in Windows 8 will attempt to stop the installation of AskWatch when you download the Exe installation file.

However, you can override the SmartScreen block! When the SmartScreen screen pops up, don’t click on Ok, but click on “More info” (yes, they made it even difficult to read, by choosing a text color that nearly matches the background)

Windows smart screen 1

Then the SmartScreen bar will change, revealing a “Run Anyway” button, and by clicking on it you will be able to install AskWatch successfully. And no, it will not destroy your PC!

Windows Smart Screen protection

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