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After adding your kid, AskWatch will start grabbing data about your son for a few seconds, or a bit more depending on the speed of your internet connection. In the main window, a new tab with the name of your son will be added, and the new screen contains all the information about your son, in order:


  • the first box contains the profile of your son, including profile photo, names, personal information, addresses on other social networks on the left, and on the right the graph of Q&A messages in the past week.
  • Tooltipphoto gallery of friends that wrote to your son; if you hover the mouse over the picture of a friend, a popup window will show the date and time of the first and last messages sent to your kid, plus the text of all questions:
  • list of queries and answers ordered and grouped by date


If you click on a profile photo, or the hyperlink inside the question, the personal page of kid that made the question opens:


To return to the info page of your son, click on the “return to homepage” button


The main page behaves exactly like a browser, so you can click on a link to open a new page, and click on the “previous page” and “next page” to move backward and forward in the navigation history:



The info page of your son contains the questions and answers, including the photos posted, and the profile photos of kids asking questions to your son, in chronological order and grouped by days:


To search for words in the page, click on the “search in page” button in the navigation toolbar:


To save the current page as an HTML or MHT file on your computer, click on the “save” button in the export page toolbar:


To print the current page, click on the “print” button in the export page toolbar:


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