How to get noticed on LinkedIn

AttackInEffectGetting profile views is essential for creating new professional links on LinkedIn and extending your network. Getting profile views from people working in your own field is even more important, as it is a first step that can be further consolidated by real-life meetings, meaningful discussions and chats, exhanges of contacts and information, and so on.

Looks like I have found a way to grab the attention of other people in LinkedIn, and for free: these numbers are not inflated by advertising, asking for likes and shares, lotteries, or other tricks commonly seen there.


Two more weeks, and the results are not falling back, views are even increasing!

What’s more, a few selected friends of mine started running this method, and they are getting the same results.

And even LinkedIn itself seems to like this activity, as I got my account upgraded from Personal Plus to Business, for FREE! AttackInUpgrade

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