Quexal MMX goes freeware

Back in 2000, Quexal changed the way programmers had to deal with MMX programming. A friendly user interface simplified building parallel versions of algorithms, an optimizing compiler made sure that the resulting code would run fast, and a visual debugger helped pinpoint programming errors.

Even if the focus of the programming community has moved on to more recent instructions sets, after many years I still get queries about Quexal, so I’ve decided to release it as freeware, as it may be useful for learning SIMD coding. However, simply releasing the last published version of Quexal was not enough, and this was an opportunity to spend some time on this pet project of mine and improve it.

So here you have it, an updated version of Quexal for free! Just go to the download section to get it.


Please note that:

  • Quexal is not supported
  • no new features or new instruction sets will be added

Last update: 1.9.2, May 20th, 2013

  •  [N] user can type comments without opening instruction dialog
  •  [N] double clicking on an instruction in graph view open instruction editor
  •  [N] toolbar button for export to intrinsics
  •  [N] added line numbers
  •  [N] added compilation notification
  •  [I] improved toolbar look
  •  [I] new icon
  •  [F] added instruction description to unsupported instructions in intrinsics export
  •  [F] fixed list of Recent files on startup
  •  [F] fixed instruction pointer after deleting a block of instructions
  •  [F] fixed multiple selection of instructions with shift + click

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